2005 Grand National Champions

Dance Troupe International

Savannah, GA

DEBBIE'S DANCE COMPANY has five competition teams ranging in both age and ability.  Our teams have won top awards and our studio is consistently ranked one of the best at both the State and National Competitions.  Our competition teams participate in five competitions per year, beginning in January and running through May.  We also enter a National competition in June or July.  A schedule with dates and prices will be available by the end of November.

Team 1

Debbie Lee, Alex Ferebee, Lauren Baroch, Kristen Knudsen, Katie Gallagher, Brittany Stovall, Chelsea Johns

Team 2

Lauren Kennell, Trish Willis, Jasmin Fields, Robert Lee, Lindsey Baroch, Caitlin Williams, Andrea Jordan, Alyssa Gallagher, Sarah Antczak, Nicole Woida


Team 3

Danielle DiPatre, Ashton Johnston, Rachael Goodson, Whitney Peters, Katherine Hardison, Jenna Carpenter, Grace Morris, Cameron Clark, Daniel Wall, Shannon Wall, Anna Jones, Elizabeth Robertson, Rachel Waite, Ashley Artibee.

Team 4

Morgan Landen, Olivia Robertson, Caylynn Palmer, Karissa Booras, Ashton Gambill, Tara Kennell, CJ Katz, Angel Edwards.




CHOREOGRAPHY:  Team classes are held for team members and the choreography will be done in class for most group dances.  Solos, Duos, and additional group choreography classes will be scheduled for team dances (at an additional fee.)

Team 5

Megan Cromwell, Morgan Drouillard, Alexis Anderson, Lacey Baroch, Marisa Helton, Makenzie Fields, Nicole Leo.